Controlling Diabetes With Fitness and Nutition


There are three main ways to help control diabetes; fitness, nutrition, and medicine. With a disease such as diabetes it is important to have all three areas locked down in order to control the disease as well as possible. It is important to understand that controlling diabetes is a lifestyle change that one needs to be committed to. If one has all three areas checked and stays consistent to their lifestyle change then one can expect to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Fitness is one of the greatest tools in controlling diabetes. Fitness can help many aspects in helping control diabetes from weight loss to balancing one’s blood sugar. It is important to consult one’s doctor before starting an exercise program. The great thing about exercise is that it has both acute and long-term positive effects. See short-term results can help someone get the motivation to start an exercise program to help control the negative effects of diabetes. With regards to diabetes and the instantaneous results of exercise, just one session of exercise can reduce spikes in blood sugar after a meal and improve the way one’s body regulates glucose. A wise practice to do is to carry a carb loaded snack in case one’s blood sugar gets low. In order to treat diabetes it is important to keep intensity in mind, the higher the intensity the better. Any form of activity is better then no activity but when it comes to controlling a disease such as diabetes it is important to remember to go all out. Some examples of intense training include lifting heavy weights, sprints, swimming, dancing, running a few miles on the tread mill, or a high intensity sport such as basketball or soccer. If pressed on time a good form of exercise that can be used to help control diabetes is known has HIIT or High Intensity-Interval Training in which one uses short burst of high intensity training followed by active rest. The great thing about HIIT style of training is that it is very effective and time efficient, just three thirty minute sessions a week can give you the kind of results that can effectively help control one’s diabetes. Doing short circuits of calisthenics and weightlifting followed by stretching, or sprinting 50 meters and then jogging 150 meters around a track are good examples of HIIT.


In order to properly deal with diabetes it is important to realize that exercise alone shouldn’t be your sole focus in controlling your diabetes. The larger way to combat diabetes is through proper diet and nutrition. When it comes to controlling diabetes with regards to diet and nutrition it is important to keep in mind two main focuses; these are the hormones leptin and insulin. Leptin is the hormone produced in fat cells which has the primary role of regulating appetite and body weight. It basically tells the brain how much and when to eat. Insulin is used when sugar or crabs raise one’s blood sugar, the hormone insulin is released to direct the extra energy into storage. Insulin doesn’t actually lower one’s blood sugar it simply moves the extra energy into a place so it can used in a future time of need, doing this therefore lowers one’s blood sugar. Leptin and Insulin work together in either a negative or positive manner. If one eats large amounts of sugar then one’s insulin will rise creating larger amounts of fat to be stored which therefore raises one’s leptin levels. When one’s leptin levels become elevated is when complications occur and can lead to diabetes. In order to properly control diabetes it is important to limit grains and sugars in one’s diet, especially fructose sugar. Some foods that help with controlling diabetes include beans, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, berries, citrus fruits, nuts, and fish. Adding these foods to your diet are important if one is living with diabetes because they contain essential vitamins and minerals that are often lacking in a lot of diets that can help combat some of the health problems raised by diabetes.


Here are some further tips to better control diabetes:

  • Certain vitamins, in particular Vitamin D are important to get in order to protect oneself from the increased risk of cardiac diseases associated with diabetes.
  • Having one’s gut flora balanced is important in order to keep your immune system strong, this can be done by eating fermented foods such as fermented vegetables or raw milk.
  • Excessive protein should be avoided as that will be converted into sugar in your liver.
  • Avoiding trans fat and fried foods is also an important practice. Instead, eat fats that contain large amounts of Omega-3 fats such as eggs or certain fish.


When it comes to diet and nutrition a key aspect is staying focused and committed. To achieve long-term results in controlling diabetes consistency and progress is important. Some ways to keep focus and committed is by setting goals and actively tracking one’s workouts and diet in order to make sure these goals are being met. Limiting yourself to 2,000 calories and no soda while actively writing out your diet in a log can help you count your calories and keep you accountable. When it comes to fitness and exercise a great way to keep you motivated is through having a workout partner to keep you accountable and having variety in your workouts so as to not get burned out. Lifting weights one day and doing a form of cardio the next can help keep you motivated and looking forward to your next workout. Try new exercises and workouts until you find what you enjoy doing.

Controlling diabetes isn’t a one step cure, it is a lifestyle change, If one has the proper fitness program, diet, and medication one can control their diabetes in a way that allows them to live the life they want to live. The key to this is consistency and perseverance and understanding that if one wants to live a healthy life while living with diabetes that have to live a healthy lifestyle.

Michelle Cervantes

Michelle Cervantes

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