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Maybe your insulin is not for you, that happen to me ,& I changed insulin & found what works for me. My sugars were always 500 & up with Humulin 70/30 60 units twice a day , now I take levemir 30 units once a day & my sugars have been under 150. Good luck I wish you well,
,  I was misdiagnosed ad type 2 because of my age and weight. They did nothing more than an A1C. Make sure they ruled out type, I’d see a Dr. or Diabetic nurse (even a phone call to your diabetic clinic and they will give you some good advise to get back on track. Different things work for different people. Lots of water and walking work for me and not getting stressed about it. I just employ the strategies that the above mentioned professionals have given me for self care, Blurry vision and headaches are common with high sugars, however, make sure the insulin isn’t out of date, change the cartridge if you’re not sure -check your keytones although it’s rare to have high ones in T2 -no relation to T1 …. try to keep your sugars balanced with low carb foods.

If my blood sugar was 567 and the prescribed treatment was not getting it down, I would be on the horn to the Dr. I might even make a trip to the emergency room. 567 is too high to mess with, My sugar is normally in the 270-290’s with levimir 70 metformin 1000 and meal time insulin…. I can’t manage to get it down to normal levels, Once the er gets things under control – talk to your endo with one of the long acting support injectibles like Victoza. You may now be insulin resistant, My eye prescription completely changed when my sugar went haywire, and then right back once I got it under control. It’s not really a silver lining, more like tinfoil, but many insurance plans that don’t cover eye stuff normally will cover your eyes once you are diabetic. I was up in the 500s when I found out. It took a week of fine tuning my dosages of both fast acting and slow insulins, and being honest with myself about making better choices.

Last month my sugar was in the 300’s for two days. Turns out that my insulin wasn’t coming out of my pen!!!! As soon as I figured that out, I put in a new needle, gave myself insulin and my numbers came right down,  I didn’t know I had diabetes until my Dr called me and told me to go to the ER. my blood sugar was 799. 2 days in the hospital with IVs. Go to the ER now please,  I’ve been type one since I was 14 and I’m 30 now and I’ve never had a blood sugar that high .u must feel awful! I would be to the ER in a heartbeat. My has been like 400 before and I freaked and felt really bad, Why are you sitting there typing this out? Blood sugars over 300 are more than enough cause to go to the emergency room … as are extremely low ones if you an’t get them to rise after the usual carbs.

That is a very scary number! Could your insulin be bad? Go to the ER, also note when you start using your insulin. I write the date on the insulin pen with a sharpie. They go bad in 28 days , My BS was between 600 to 800 for a few months something happened to my stomach, kidneys, eyes, and feet. Get it taken care of don’t wait like my dumbass, You need a doctor for this one! I wouldnt try advising ANYONE with bs that high and those symptoms! Take care and be serious about this, I’ve been over 600 for two weeks because of having meningitis. My Dr told me to drink lots of water … Im type 2 and cannot take insulin because of a horrible reaction to it, Although im a type 1 diabetic and our diseases vary i suggest eating with insulin drink plenty of water and try a nap. My blood sugar runs high (400-500 even where my meter only reads HI) often and this helps me. But if you start peeing too often or have difficulty breathing er is the place to go. Also talk to your doc about metformin, actoplus, or tujeo. They should help, Yes that’s what happens when you’re high…but like the nurse said…you need fluids from the doctor to help you. Other than that drink lots of water and even going for a walk can help bring it down!! Be careful!! Also stay away from starchy foods like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes!!! Eat more veggies that grow above ground because they have less sugar and carbs than others!! I’m a type 2 diabetic like you…I used to be a little over 400 without my insulin!! But now I’m on the ketogentic diet and it’s helped me maintain my glucose levels a whole lot better and I’m ranging a little over 200 now if I don’t take my insulin!! Of course I do take my insulin just not as much.

Your lucky to be alive and should be hospitalized or at least see your Dr to check for ketosis( anion gap) like it up and don’t do that again if possible. Hormone increases and unbalances plus a virus can really mess you up! You may have damaged your retinas permanently,  I have never heard of such high numbers on a regular basis. I feel strongly you need professional help, from a really good doctor. I feel so bad for you. This must be scary for you. Please see someone very soon,  Y, ep. It is normal for high sugar. Drink heaps of water, and go for a walk. Anxiety can raise levels too, or illness, but provided you dont have ketones, go for a walk and burn off the excess sugar,  I’ve been hospitalized a few times with sugar over 500 it’s a better idea to go to ER if this happens / you won’t be able to handle the hydration you need when that happens you need an , Yes and your breathing when hi. I was at 431 the other day at work and had bad pain in legs,feet, arms and hands. Had trouble breathing which caused my voice to change. Think God it came down. Almost went to hospital.

Go to the doctors.. and see if you have LADA.. late onset adult type 1 diabetes. That’s what I had and paid in the worse way ever, Not to be rude but, I would get off of facebook and head to the ER. DKA is nothing to play around , I would not go to er over high sugars but I would if very low lots and lots of water if high and walk it off.

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