how to avoid diabetes and high blood pressure

so annoyed from my diabetic clinic advices. before i got diabetes i was fine with only one meal a day . then when i got diagnosed i was told that i had to consume at least three meals at day and put me onto insulin regimen like 7 units for lunch and 8 for dinner. after being experiencing lows all the times i started to eat quantities of carbs that will cover the therapy. ten years later i gained 20 kg and don’t understand why i was asked to change my eating habits. now i have high cholesterol, i m fat and i crave for carbs more and more. but i noticed that if i eat one time a day my blood sugars would be in range all day. my advice is do not change your food habits, just learn to follow the patterns of your bg during the day and adjust by your needs, Nuts-limit quantities tho, raw veg,various beans chickpeas have added benefits apparently, cheese n eggs but watch your cholesterol. Very hard to find suitable low carb high protein food at truck stops etc so you’ll have to plan n prep ahead….exercise is prob also theoretically a problem but unless you get that in you’ll have big problems. Exercise can help hugely. There are online recipie sites which may help n you may need to batch cook get a plug in freezer box n microwave stuff at stops.

I am a lacto-vegetarian. I also have a corn allergy which makes it worse. Do you have a microwave in your truck cab? If you can find the brand Quorn, they have quite a selection of foods like frozen burgers to burritos. Yes you have to watch your carbs but I also use a lot of sliced tomato and onion. Oranges and Apple’s are good or maybe some unsweetened applesauce. Check out the Progresso or Amy’s soups too. You can also get vegetarian lunchmeat like tofurky or ives. I prefer ives bc they have bologna and other meats, Zucchini patties=, eggs, whole wheat or multigrain bread crumbs, onion, garlic, salt pepper, and thyme or oregano, shredded or grated zucchini, brown in olive oil. Nuts, veggie wraps in lettuce leaves or corn tortilla, only one, apples- small. Cantaloupe, Avocado. Better Homes and Gardens has a mag. for diabetics but need to watch the starches and sugars, sub the starches and sugars with non sweetners or other veggies, You want high protein/high fiber/low carb. Think lentil and vegetable salads or wraps with a little salsa and/or sour cream, keep some fresh fruit and cut up veggies on hand for snacking, peanut butter on celery or apples, cheese sticks.

Most veggies are 5% carb by weight so you can eat a lot and still reduce your carbs. Raw is fine if you can’t cook. Also try to work in a lot of vegetable oil and nuts into your meals. Dietary fat is your friend because it makes you feel full faster and it doesn’t raise your glucose. Berries are a great fruit for a diabetic too because if their lower carb content (11%) compared together fruits, Beans, Peanut butter, Dark Green leafy veggies (some have more protein than a steak) and if you have time, read up on the fact that we only need a small fraction of meat that the industry claims we need. If you don’t have access to the suggestions while traveling just eats smaller portions more frequently to get stabilized, just don’t starve yourself! Good luck and in due time, you will find out what works for your body,  I have been diabetic for about 5 years, and have had a really hard time finding diabetic healthy foods, since I have issues with diverticulitis, already had surgery once for it, so I can’t eat raw veggies, fresh fruit, seeds/nuts, basically anything that doesn’t completely digest in the stomach. Has anyone else had a issues like mine? Any suggestions? I have seen a dietician, and they couldn’t help me.

How fancy is your rig? Do you have the ability to have a little fridge for a lot of fresh veggies? And vegetarian puts you in a good place. A lot of veggies like celery carrots and cucumbers are freebies on carbs. Pickles too. Nuts especially almonds are good too, For vegetarian diabetics Tofu, Lentils, kidney beans, yogurt and beansprourts are good source of protein. Do take carbs in moderation like whole wheat bread, chapati and herbal ponni rice with chickpeas. Chickpea floor is like magic food for veg diabetics. Majority egg receipies can be made with chickpea floor, I really like nuts. I keep cashews and string cheese on hand for those snacks moments. Good luck. And check online, there are a lot of great diabetic recipes out there, Get your weight to a healthy level, exercise daily, for at least 30 minutes or more a day, meet with a nutritionist who can help you understand portion size and the type of foods to eat or avoid. Get into a routine of exercise, sleeping and eating at regular times, and taking your meds at the prescribed time. Much about controlling your diabetes is about controlling your lifestyle. There is not a magic remedy. You have to make some sacrifices, follow your doctor’s advice, change your lifestyle, and be determined to fight diabetes to the very end. Don’t give in or give up. I have been a type 2 diabetic for the last 20 years. It is a battle. Don’t give up.

Nuts and seeds are great for protein, you can buy pre-made protein shakes that are plant based. Steamed veggies ahead of time, humus and crackers or veggies. Whole wheat veg wraps, fruit and yogurt, fruit and yogurt with veg blended shakes, salad with nuts and cheese with veg. So many options still,  I have seen mini crockpots that work through cigarette lighters on the road they have these stabilizers so they don’t spill while you are driving etc just an idea I use my crockpot to help me control my diabetes making stews, Soups etc out of veggies, hmm good question will you eat turkey or chicken? you need protein in your system … that will be a better question to ask a dietician …. you limit yourself … eggs you are only allowed 2 eggs a week… Protein is very important to have.

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