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download my app Team Fusion, use my ID number 2502716. Go in as a guest and look at all the testimonies diabetes, Be careful. High sugar can cause permanent damage to your eyes. I was at 600 and had to go to er, You are probably in DKA and need to go to the hospital .. im writing this as im in the ICU for DKA, yes it is .have you been to the eye dr. sounds like you got the eyeprobblem i have can make you go blind, Go to the ER. I made the mistake of BS around 600 for a few months and I am paying for it now. Worst mistake of my life, I drink a lot water then usual, and feel more confusion and pressure in my head like something missing, Sounds like you should be in hospital. I had 540 and was in for ketoacididosis, Stay away from sugar and watch what you eat . Eat more guave and juice it . Try it.

I would call an ambulence to take you to the hospital. That’s way too high for you to drive, You need to go to the ER when it is that high. You can go into a coma have DKA all very serious. ER can get your blood sugars with, You need to go to the nearest E.R. If you start feeling nauseated or throw up then call 911, Go to the ER if this happens. They will get you taken care of. You might want to change doctors, Yep that would be today! Someone gave my t1 daughter rock to eat and I didn’t have a clue of the carbs! So with a total guesstimate and pizza for dinner she was 5.1 after dinner and is now sleeping on a 10.4! Very happy with that! Mummy, I’ve messaged the page trying to get some feedback and have gotten no response, ep that would be today! Someone gave my t1 daughter rock to eat and I didn’t have a clue of the carbs! So with a total guesstimate and pizza for dinner she was 5.1 after dinner and is now sleeping on a 10.4! Very happy with that.

Yes, at least once a year. Plus, educate yourself about warning signs to vision issues and go see your eye doctor as soon as possible if you see floaters or other changes in your vision. Use the amsler grid, which helps detect possible retina or optic nerve damage; both common issues noted with diabetes.I go every 4 weeks now due to diabetic retinopathy. I get eye shots regularly, along with laser surgery, An annual eye exam is not sufficient. 2 per year is a start. Quarterly would be a lot safer. I have been through 9 years of hell because my (former) eye doctor did not complete his exam properly and I was in an emergency situation 3 months later. Remember, YOU are the Boss when you go into a doctor’s office. YOU were the one who hired them to advise you on your health care, I would advise everyone to have regular checks. I was stupid and because my vision was fine I never bothered with eye tests. In my early 50’s my eyesight was not as good so I went for an eye test and found out I had retinopathy. I had over a year of laser treatment and still had two bleeds in the same eye. I had a vitrectomy but also have macular degeneration in both eyes and have lost count of the number of Lucent is injections I have had, which are still ongoing. I am lucky that I still have some sight but I cannot read very well even with powerful magnifying glasses.

twice a year, but I have a question and hope someone can help,, I am having difficulty paying for my supplies. Recently an error was made concerning my medical coverage and I couldn’t get my supplies. I ended up in the hospital with readings 600 plus. Yes, very stupid of me but I had nowhere to turn to get supplies. Any suggestions, Notify your Dr. tell them what is happening with your ins. co. I am sure they will give you samples un til you get your ins. straightened out. Also you can call the manufacturer that you get your meds from tell them what has happened they can ship meds to your Dr. in the meantime providing they are willing to help you. I did this when I lost coverage a while back, got samples from endo and also the manufacturer. There may be paperwork to fill out by your Dr. but it is worth it. Better than not having meds at all. Good luck.

Hi Brenda , at the time then I ran out of my supplies I was changing insurance companies and actually had an insurance rep fill out all the paperwork with me. That was in December by January they had canceled my medication part of my insurance without┬áme knowing it until I went to pick up supplies 1 February. I was begging anyone anybody for some supplies in order to take my readings and you my insulin shots no one was listening. I’m too proud to get on my hands and knees and crawl into a doctors office begging for supplies. But what happened shortly afterwards was my asthma and I started with asthma problems which affects my thinking process. Oxygen deprived brain. The gremlins were after me. I wasn’t eating properly I was only drinking sugary drinks not good for a diabetic it was three weeks of this I had no idea what my readings were and I hardly left the house. I finally drag myself to my primary doctor and he immediately sent me to ER as my readings were over 600 and my breathing wasn’t much better because of my asthma but my point is I wasn’t able to get any free supplies from anyone, my doctor has referred me to a diabetic specialist and they aren’t accepting new patients-7 yes the gremlins are still after me

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