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I’m type 1 been diabetic for 46 years I got what they call a black widow 95 99 and 99 % blocked. Caused by hardening of the arteries apparently! Not fun! Had sternum cut open replaced arteries. Trying alot harder to get the sugar levels good and lots more exercise, Scary 1,be careful what we eaten… God bless Us Amen, have your blood pressuer checked in both arms at the doctors office,, if they dont,, get someone that will, Guys. I would lime some advice. I was recently diagnosed with T2 diabetes. Yesterday i spent the whole day with a lingering nausea. Sometimes this is cured with a snack or meal but not yesterday. Does anyone else experience this? It really gets me down, I am really surprised to see Cranberries on the list of free foods….sorry, but I am going to check this with my dietician and diabetic nurse just to be sure.

All this is bullshit. Was told nachos were A no no. Now salsa is best thing to eat. Told sauerkraut was worst for me, now saying cabbage is best for me, Nachos are a no no,(the chip/tortilla bit) but the veg part, salsa, is good, also, sauerkraut, the way its prepared, is bad but cabbage as a veg (just like salsa) is good for you, in short, veg is good and high fat chips or high fat veg is bad, what’s not easy to understand? basically, anything you like is BAD and everything you HATE is good!! enjoy my friend, Haha. Thanks Mike. Was funny today when I shouted Hey Arsehole, and you looked over immediately, Very difficult to melt. Tried to put them with salt to get rid of the water, also took away the inner side. Not a big success and besides I like them as they are but difficult to melt as I said,  If you’d like to control or totally cure your diabetes and change your life, all you need to do is follow this “guide fizo amazing” (Google it). My husband has been following the program for 1 1/2 months. He’s had type two diabetes for 6 years and been insulin dependent for 5 of the 6 years. Since reading this plan and following the program he’s eating better everyday & everyday.

I make ice popsicles with cucumber for the Summer time add lime and eat very refreshing,  I’d post a photo if I could but the information in this article is misleading. Cranberries range from 13gms to 91gms per cup depending on the brand and type. Deffs not a free food, Lets list the nice things ..roast beef or chicken, ham, bacon, cheese and scrambled poached or boiled egg, raspberry, blueberries, nuts (almonds and brazil nuts are the best – and tastiest), Hello everyone my name is Alexis Katrina, i want you all to know that there is no problems that have no solution.i’ve just be cure with the diabetes which i have been experience for the past 11yrs now within the period of 2weeks after drinking from the herbal medicine dr baba kay sent to me through courier booster. dr baba kay is a herbal traditional native dr, who have be bless with so+ many gift to heal people.if you are having any of this HIV, asthma, childless, diabetes, stroke, want your business to grow, want your ex back etc. email or whatsaap, Been there, done that LOL  a couple of them anyway (crawled to the fridge one time, grabbed a candy bar from the grocery store aisle but I did pay for it after I ate it!). Have woken up in the middle of the night completely confused and barely made it to the fridge for sugar.

Haha the worst part is this isn’t even exaggerated!
I was shopping once when I got low blood sugar and almost left the clothes shop with the clothes I was trying still on! After fumbling around in my dizzy brain trying to explain about my diabetes I finally got changed into my own clothes and then set off hunting for anything with sugar. I ended up on the supermarket floor leaning against a fridge, drinking juice straight out of the carton… People were not impressed, I fell down a flight of carpeted stairs naked. My bedroom was upstairs and I was going downstairs to get juice. Ended up a carpet burned, bloody mess at the bottom of the steps. My husband was at work, luckily a friend stopped over and called EMS. Not a good day,  It’s tough. But I’ve seen total strangers step in to help. I remember going into a Arby’s with a massive low and the line was crazy. I just called out diabetic needing juice and one of the employees immediately grabbed a couple of orange juice, brought it out to me, v walked me to a booth and made sure i drank them. After i became coherent the manager came out to check in me and when i tried to pay he said i was good.

Wow, you all make me feel like I’m not alone. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 40 years. Have had many scary lows. Recently I went shopping at Walmart. Felt my blood sugar getting low, bought a bottle of sweet orange soda along with my other stuff. I thought, I’ll make it to my car, sit in there and drink the soda. I ended up wandering around the parking lot searching for my car. Lucky for me a kind, older man saw I needed help and found my car, put my groceries in and took my buggy. He even asked if his wife could drive me and my car home! I told him I’d be ok, I just needed sugar. God really looks out for me, After spending all day at a festival eating and walking in Atlanta…get back in the car and my sugar drops so low that I began to pass out while driving on the interstate, then I almost ran into the wall while trying to pull over, was apparently belligerent with my boyfriend, and wouldn’t allow him to take me into the ER…he was too afraid to leave me in the car and get help. Mind you 30 before we returned to the car to get on the road my blood sugar was high, no doubt due to the excessive eating at the festival.

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Michelle Cervantes

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