how to cure diabetes by yoga

Checked my sugars an hour ago. They read 12.9. Went for 45 min walk and they dropped to 6.3. Amazing how a little exercise helps, There are no highs and lows when controlled by diet and no meds. So much better and worth making the change,  I get agitated when high for extended period. I also am pretty good of making an ass out of myself when that happens lol, This is why they made the Snickers ad. Granted I don’t tell my endo that sometimes I want a low just so I can have a chocolate binge,  this is getting better. but fiber can be sugar in certain people. also cutting out grains reduces need for fiber. all carbs are sugar so eating berries isn’t best option. it takes body 3 weeks to stop its enzymatic need for carbs. so adding a treat is a fast way to slip back to carbs/sugar and not realize it.

Vida Cardio Drinks really helps you guys reduce your weight its very safe for you who has have been diabetes. it helps control insulin levels in the body for more imformation about the product pls add/inbox me, Sweet Leaf is a great brand, because it’s all natural. The problem with Stevia is because it’s so popular, many brands are made with corn products and are not organic or GMO free. Choose a brand that is just that. All natural, GMO free. Always look at the ingredients before you buy,  I take Stevia made by Sugar Twin. The ingredients have Erythritol, Stevia Leaf Extract & Flavours. Is that ok? Please let me know, Better yet, grow your own. The fresh leaves are pretty amazing with mint in salads too, Having diabetes & on Warfarin as well so no leafy greens. So much advice not possible.

How do you know when this is happening? I don’t feel as strong as I did but I thought I was just being silly and imagining it. But this makes me think maybe I wasn’t imagining it after all? Are there any tell tale signs this is the case, The lack of protein can do this as well. Eating carb based diet generates excess stem cells(a long dissertation to explain but not good),  It’s actually call muscle atrophy and it can happen to anyone not just diabetics usually if you’re are sedentary. A body dosen’t matter if human or animal are design to move all the time. I’m a Type 2 for 17 years and for 18 years I was sedentary and lost my muscles. However, if you go to a gym and work with weights you can regain muscle strength and tone but it will take a little time.

I’ve been using them since bcc diagnosed 4 years ago for pasta substitute in my pasta dishes, in salads etc. One half cup: 10 calories, 20 carbs, no sugar and 7 grams of fiber and protein. The carbs are only 7% of daily requirements and since there’s no sugars, they area healthier carb and I like the nutty taste, I like humus and have used them in a stew recipe. I am also gluten free and there is a garbanzo flour, will need to try it and see how it is, I love them and eat them all the time, but they do not do as claimed in this article, The last time I changed it was when someone I knew wanted to know what their blood sugar was and could I test it for them. I change them usually when they start to hurt, Oh..I use a new one each time. I also use a new insulin needle each time. May be expensive for me but I think it is gross to use the same lancet or needle twice in a row. I just wish we could reuse test strips because those are the expensive items, Nobody even told me I had to and I have no helpful basic stuff like this but instead of dealing with my other issues like vitamin d deficiency all the dr cares about is my sugars. I can die from things other than just sugars!!!! Needles I change but lancets never occur to me until it hurts.

Sometimes, depending on which finger I’m pricking… the first attempt will not totally penetrate and I won’t get any blood.. I feel like I shouldn’t try again unless I change the lancet.. lol… maybe a touch of ocd, I went to a hospital based update. They told me I could and should use lancet over and over, no alcohol site prep and reuse the needles. I never have had any problems, infections, Nothing. They are my germs, no one else’s I guess, Actually, after I got an accu-check pricking-thing, I change it every time. It has lancets with 6 needles in it so you just turn it. Also, in Denmark, we get lancets, the thingies for the blood sugar meassuring thing and needles for insulin pens, for free. We ‘only’ have to pay for the insulin pens/vials, When you use a needle more than once it blunts and doesn’t work properly and damages your skin also, which compromises the insulin deposit. Dno why anyone would reuse.

I don’t think I could use one over and over. It’s got to have dried blood on it and it would probably get dull over time. I’ve seen pictures of magnified ones after a lot of use. They look bad, I changed mine 2 weeks ago. It’s alright to use them over again but they do get dull so I changed them when it starts to get hard to get blood, We change ours every time! My son gets checked 4x a day..more if low..I don’t feel right not changing it, Wow I change mine everytime I check it, which is twice a day. Didn’t know I could use the same one twice, I change my needle everytime. They are free so no big deal. Lancet I change about every 6 months.

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