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4 years ago my fasting blood sugar tested pre-diabetic. I began fasting for most of the day, usually until late afternoon and my blood sugar quickly dropped. I also lost about 35 pounds eventually (about 2 pounds a month). Of course I also avoid sugar and all high glycemic foods. Later I heard about and went on the British version of the 5:2 fasting diet, where you fast 2 whole days a week, eating only 500 calories (I eat only low cal vegetables on fast days). Lost another 25 pounds and I feel great and blood sugar is good. I’m now running and my doctor has taken me off statins, even though I do have fairly high ldl.

“even people of normal weight can develop the disease”… yes. This is not a problem only for the overweight. My husband is a relatively fit marathon runner, and at 40 he has elevated A1Cs indicative of pre-diabetes. Family history and genetic predisposition are hard to overcome, I guess.

So it turns out that supermodels, who live on water and salads, and work out every day, and are the brunt of jokes and envy, have been right all along.
Yes, of course models watch every ounce because it’s their livelihood. But of the models I’ve known over the years, all of them have retained the habits of eating smart and working out hard long after they retired from the trade, and have stayed lean and fit well into their senior years.
Laugh at them all we like, they’re not part of the $250 billion/year taxpayer and private healthcare money suck that is diabetes in the U.S.


If somebody wants to pay me lots of money just to wear clothes and look good, I’ll watch my diet and work out too. They live in a rarified environment that allows them to live a style of life that is not practical for people with regular jobs, commuting, car payments, kids and so on. Not to knock models, I’m sure they’re nice enough people. But I’m not sure how exemplary they really are.

No need for illegal drugs (or legal), the emphasis must be on nutrition.
It is time that we take a real approach to stopping diabetes before it starts, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
One of the things the article did not mention are the tremendous numbers of people who are having amputations due to high blood sugar, we need a power information campaign focused on getting high blood sugar under control now. We are a generation and maybe the next to high blood sugar

Michelle Cervantes

Michelle Cervantes

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