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NYT – it would be more accurate if you could identify the disease you are reporting about as Type 2 Diabetes in the headline. Type 1 and Type 2 are distinctly different conditions. Are you saving space?

Water is not organic! Natural yes; organic no.

I found this study interesting and monitoring for diabetes of course is a good thing but where the rub comes in with doctors is an “official diagnosis” of being a pre-diabetic as a recent study shows the pre-diabetes test is flawed and thus has too many false positives, turning otherwise healthy people into patients, again we are talking data. Doctors have been talking screening for pre-diabetes symptoms for a long time but doctors are arguing in a study that an “official” noted diagnosis has it’s own dangers too.
It’s not any different than checking blood pressure but the “official” diagnosis is creating false positives on folks who will never develop diabetes. No doubt monitoring is not the question here but how much documentation and selling of more data and software is kind of in here too.

There’s a company that VC just gave another $23 million to fund to do more analytics work on pre-diabetes, so again how much software do you need? You monitor, diagnose, treat but what’s the Official diagnosis of “pre” really doing? Look up Omada software and see all the extensive analytics and ask, do we really need all of this and is this more cost that is data fluff? Questions to ask as how does all the analytics lead to better care?

Sigh. I tested as being pre-diabetic in my early 30s….you know, when I was less than 100 lbs and running 15 to 20 miles per week. Gotta love genetics.

When my doctor said I was pre diabetic I went immediately went on the Atkins Diet and the problem went away as well as my high blood pressure and my GERD. So no more Prilosec or blood pressure medication. As a bonus at my next dental visit I had no plaque due to not eating sugars and starches.


I was diagnosed with pre T2D in March. I am a 65 year old woman, 5ft 4in tall. At the time I weighted 131 pounds. At that time I was going to the gym twice a week for aquafit. I had a diet that I considered good and healthy. My A1C was at 6.2. (Where I live, in Ontario, anyone over 6.0 is considered pre Type 2 Diabetes.) I was determined to turn the tide and get my blood sugar back in the normal range. I started by eliminating any carbs that were high in the glycemic index. I happened to meet a plant-based cooking instructor who changed my life. She introduced me to the book “Doctor Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes”. His medically researched evidence was so convincing ithat I began following a plant based (vegan) diet. Admittedly I continued to have milk in my daily latte, but I have been pretty faithful to the new regime. Remarkably, I lost about one pound a week until I leveled off after losing 15 pounds. At the same time I added two sessions per week of resistance work with a trainer. In August I had my blood tested again and the A1C is completely normal at 5.6. I just wanted to add this to the discussion because it has been shown to effectively get many people into a healthy blood sugar range and enable them to stop taking medication. If you think someone you know might be interested, please seek out the book or one of Dr. Barnard’s youtube talks where he outlines his plan.

There was an article in my local paper today about the free breakfast program for low income elementary school students.
I read the article then posted the comment:
“Froot Loops and orange juice? The kids might as well have a candy bar for breakfast.”
I got this response from another reader:
“I’d rather see a child have “fruit loops & orange juice” then nothing at all. SMH”
I had to look up what SMH means. It means ‘shaking my head’. This person thinks it’s fine to serve young children five plus teaspoons of sugar for breakfast. She thinks the only option for a low income child’s breakfast is sugary foods or …. nothing.
Now I’m SMH.

Everywhere I look, sugar is the product. Costco had some low sugar protein bars, gone now. It’s hard to find stuff that doesn’t have sugar in it.

I weigh about 100 pounds, have always been slender…and am now 70 years old.
I have exercised all through my adulthood. As a child we were allowed no soda pop and had no “store-bought” sweets…my mom cooked everything from scratch and boy, was her cooking wonderful.
But there was trouble brewing in the background. My beloved father had “borderline” high sugar…in those days they tested urine at home. He dealt with his “issues” though diet and exercise. One of his sisters ultimately succumbed to complications of diabetes and his only brother likely did too.
I always had normal blood sugar levels…or so I thought.
Until one day I passed a drug store where they were giving away meters and strips as a promotion…and I began to test my blood periodically.
What a revelation. My blood sugar levels jumped around wildly…and often, I felt sick.
I am certain that I would have morphed into full blown diabetes had I not started testing on my own.
I adopted a rigorous diet, regular exercise…and managed to manage my blood sugar…but it took a great deal of work and self education and awareness.
A half of a potato could send my blood sugar way up…but no doctor ever said a word to me, despite A1C tests (useless). They simply all said..your A1C is ok…go away.
I finally convinced my doctors to write an RX so that I could continue to test…
Insurance companies and Medicare will now allow people to test frequently unless they have full blown

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